On November 6, California residents will have the chance to vote on Proposition 12. Sponsored by The Humane Society, this initiative proposes clearly-defined, improved welfare standards for certain farm animals. 

Specifically, Proposition 12 deals with minimum space requirements. It would require calves to have at least 43 square feet of usable floor space per calf, breeding pigs to have at least 24 square feet of usable floor space per pig, and egg-laying hens to have at least 1 square foot of usable floor space per hen. Additionally, all egg-laying hens must be cage-free by 2022.  

Proposition 12 will ban the sale of veal, pork and eggs in California, unless these conditions are met. What makes Proposition 12 so ground-breaking and important is that regardless of where the animals are raised, they cannot be sold in California without meeting these standards.   

Consequently, the effects of passing Proposition 12 are far-reaching. Corporations across the nation will have to either not sell their products in California (which is - by itself - the 5th largest economy in the world), or comply with the standards mentioned above. Proposition 12, if passed, will reduce the suffering and confinement of billions of animals. Read more HERE.


If you vote in California, you have the power to significantly help billions of animals. Help make history and vote YES on Proposition 12.