Dairy Cows Are Happy

Cows living on dairy farms are happy, healthy animals. They frolic in fields of rolling hills and spend their days grazing in green pastures. They’re mammals - just like us - so when they give birth to live young, they willingly, happily lactate for the sole purpose of allowing us to take their milk intended for their own baby. Milk is a natural, healthy source of protein and calcium and is required for strong bones. These are just a few of the lies fed to the public by the dairy industry – especially now that dairy sales are plummeting.

In truth, dairy cows are confined to small pens and are never afforded the kindness of being able to roam, as they are needed to remain close to their milking machines, morning, noon and night. The milk machines tug, rip and tear at the cows udders and often results in injury, which then leads to infection (i.e. pus and blood), which then ends up in the milk. "Production-related diseases" are so common that 1 in 6 cows die from mastitis, which is caused by trauma and injury to the udder.

Cows need to have a baby in order to lactate, so farmers forcibly impregnate female cows with a device the milk industry calls a "rape rack". That's right, the industry recognizes the sexual assault on the animal by calling the device what it is, rape. Within hours of birth, the farmers steal the cows offspring away from them, and then steal the milk intended for their young. The calves are then sorted; male cows become veal since they are useless in the milk industry and female cows are slated to become milk cows themselves. Cows can live to twenty years old, while milk cows in the industry are considered old at four years of age and are sent to slaughter.

Milk is branded as a health drink that is required as part of a healthy diet in order to build strong bones, when in reality studies have shown that increased dairy intake is linked with increased bone fracture risk in humans. More than half of Americans are (to some degree) lactose intolerant. It has nothing to do with our bodies being unable to digest lactose. It has everything to do with our bodies not being designed to digest milk past infancy - not to mention from a whole different species.

Why a cow? Why not milk from a dog, whale, bat, rhino, bear or rat? Why do we think it’s normal to drink the milk of one mammal and not the milk of another mammal? Luckily, milk consumption has dropped by one third since the 1970’s. There are currently so many varieties of non-dairy alternatives that are delicious and are making their way more mainstream. Even if you have an allergy or nutrient preference, there are so many “milks” to choose from including oat, nut, hemp, soy, rice, pea, coconut, flax and more.

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