Demand the Truth About Gruesome Cat Experiments

Animal experimentation impacts over 100 million animals each year. Universities and labs that conduct these experiments are expected to keep detailed information about the animals’ biological or physiological responses (i.e., blood pressure and heart rate). Through Freedom of Information laws, that information is available to the public for publicly funded institutions. It's especially concerning, then, when one university goes against the law, even embroiling itself in a lawsuit, in order to evade the truth about its gruesome experiments against kittens and cats.

At the State University of NY (SUNY) College of Optometry, cats as young as 4-months-old are surgically dissected – while still alive. Their skulls are removed, electrodes are inserted into their brains, and they are restrained with their eyes forced open as image after image flickers in front of them. The agony these cats feel is unimaginable. However, whatever stress-response data exists, SUNY is desperately trying to hide.

When the national nonprofit Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research and Experimentation (CAARE) requested additional information – information that SUNY is obligated to disclose under Freedom of Information laws – SUNY refused. CAARE then initiated a lawsuit against SUNY for violating these laws. Unfortunately, while the lawsuit is pending SUNY, continues to withhold details the public is entitled to know.

The public is, after all, funding this research. Taxpayer dollars have been used to provide grants to SUNY College of Optometry from the National Eye Institute (NEI), a division of the National Institutes for Health (NIH). While SUNY has been the recipient of this funding since 2002, these experiments (funded by the same NEI grant) actually began in 1983 at Rockefeller University in NY. After 36 years of  cat torturing experiments, the research has not resulted in a single treatment for vision disorders. What's even more shocking is that effective treatments already exist – derived from ethical human studies – already exist for the very disorders these scientists claim their research may help. 

This degree of wastefulness and disregard for animal life is appalling and completely unacceptable. Please join CAARE in stopping these reprehensible experiments by writing to Congress and demanding that SUNY be held accountable to the law. 

Animal Experimentation
Veterinarian giving injection insulin to a kitten