Eco-Friendly Living

Each Saturday, we feature different companies that provide vegan, ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that are not only good for the world, but are good for you too! We have teamed up with some of these companies to provide exclusive discount codes for our readers and their wallet. Here are our favorites this week.


High Sierra Showerheads is a company that makes shower heads. But, what makes this company so cool? They have patented a design that reduces your water use by 40% each shower! High Sierra has created a way to make large, uniform soft droplets that make for a comfortable shower that not only saves water, but also saves energy and money! Save a little extra money with exclusive discount code PRANA10 at checkout!


Rothy’s is a fashion shoe company that makes sneakers, flats, and point shoes all out of recycled plastic bottles! To date, Rothy’s has reused twenty million plastic bottles, making these shoes more than just fashionable, but completely sustainable! Rothy’s promises to keep innovating and evolving to find other ways to be better for the environment. These stylish, innovative shoe not only looks good but are easy to clean by being machine washable in cold water. Right now Rothy’s offers women's and girls style shoes!




The Home Detox Box is a subscription box that offers toxin-free, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products that better your home, self-care routine, and lifestyle. Items can include essential oils, house cleaners, skin and hair products, and Eco-friendly alternatives to plastics. The Home Detox Box is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, non-toxic, organic, and reef safe certified! On top of all of that, their products are also recyclable! Get 10% off of holiday boxes with code Take10!