Featured Sustainable Brands

Each Saturday, we feature different companies that provide vegan, ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that are not only good for the world, but are good for you too! We have teamed up with some of these companies to provide exclusive discount codes for our readers and their wallet. Here are our favorites this week.


Lula’s Garden provides hand-picked succulent plants that are sourced in Los Angeles. These easy to care for plants improve the look of your space, while also improving the quality of your air! On top of delivering you their super-chic plants, Lula’s Garden also teams up with organizations that help provide safe drinking water for those who need it; which we think is pretty cool. Shop Lula's Garden with promo code PRANARUN20 for 20% off their site!


Who Gives A Crap sells toilet paper, and guess what? They didn’t cut any trees down to make it! The toilet paper is made of either bamboo or recycled toilet paper. They also sell paper towels and tissues. Not only are their products good for the environment, they also donate 50% of profits to build toilets for those in need.


Planet Love Life makes bracelets out of lost or discarded fishing nets; or “ghost nets” that trap and kill over 100,000 marine animals every year. It is calculated that 25,000 nets are discarded annually, with each net weighing up to 10,000 pounds a pieceEach bracelet sold represents a life saved, which is a big deal. Planet Love Life also teams up with like-minded companies to spread the word and conducts beach clean-ups!

Shop these fashionable bracelets at a 10% OFF discount with our exclusive promo code: PRANARUN. Being fashionable never felt so good!