Sustainable Saturday

Each Saturday, we feature different companies that provide vegan, ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that are not only good for the world, but are good for you too! We have teamed up with some of these companies to provide exclusive discount codes for our readers and their wallet. Here are our favorites this week.

Stasher is the answer to all of your small storage needs! Made from silicone (a mix of sand and carbon), Stasher's storage bags offer a food-safe material for storage and cooking, and doesn’t leak harsh chemicals into your food - the way plastic does. The eco-friendly bags can be used to cook in a microwave, oven, or boiling water up to 400 degrees! Being dishwasher safe, the products are easy to clean and reuse. You can literally reuse Stasher bags forever, fulfilling your storage needs while never contributing plastic to landfills. Stasher also makes for great organizational bags for when traveling!

Wowe Lifestyle sells stainless steel water bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, and reusable produce bags! On top of their eco-friendly products, they also donate 1% of sales to plant trees all around the world with One Tree Planted! Plastic toothbrushes are a problem for the environment and they can't be mixed with your other recyclables (similar to electronics and plastic bags). Toothbrushes made from bamboo (the fastest growing plant on earth) can easily compost. Wowe Lifestyle has offered 15% off with coupon code PRANARUN.

Fab Habitat is a company that sells rugs made out of recycled plastic! These rugs are fashionable, colorful, and easy on the environment. What better way of furnishing your home with a rug that takes plastic out of landfills!