Sustainable Saturday

Each Saturday, we feature different companies that provide vegan, ethical, sustainable, and Eco-friendly products that are not only good for the world, but are good for you too! We have teamed up with some of these companies to provide exclusive discount codes for our readers and their wallet. Here are our favorites this week.


Pela is a waste-free cell phone case! Their shipping packaging is also waste-free and biodegradable. The cases are made of a special bioplastic that is made from flax straw! These hearty cases will keep your phone protected while also keeping the earth safe from more plastic. Pela also partners with environmentally-conscious organizations and is a member of 1% For The Planet - which means they donate some of their profit to help better the earth! Phone protection and planet protection? Win-win!




Onyalife is a business on a mission to end single-use plastic. Everything from reusable sandwich wraps made from recycled bottles to backpacks, coffee cups, and bread bags! Recently added to their site, and my personal favorite, are biodegradable trash bags and doggy bags. Now you can have garbage bags that don’t do harm to the planet, and doggy poop bags that will break down into nature! Use exclusive code pranarun15 for 15% off the site! Hurry, this code expires December 15th!



Ecosia is a web browser just like Google, only better. With every search on Ecosia, you are helping plant trees all over the world. The trees are planted where they are needed most - bettering not only the environment but the people, and their local economies. Ecosia runs completely off of renewable energy, and for every tree they plant, it takes about 2.2lbs of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Switch your browser today to give trees a chance!