Vegan Supper Social…IGGY!


A little over a year ago, a small 42-lbs piglet was advertised on a “for sale” Craigslist post. The ad’s intention was for her to be someone’s Christmas dinner. Fortunately, an individual saw the ad and started advocating for her protection. A group in Cincinnati – all adamantly opposed to her suffering a horrible fate – assembled together and contacted Foreverland Farm.

Knowing that this pig would grow to be anywhere between 400-800 lbs, Foreverland Farm wasn’t sure if they’d be able to care for her. However, knowing that she desperately needed life-saving help, the sanctuary felt strongly moved to bring her to safety. A fundraiser was launched to ensure the sanctuary had the resources to initially care for her and the small pig was rescued.

Upon her arrival at Foreverland Farm, Iggy was terrified and would visibly shake & hide from humans. Slowly, she learned to trust. Slowly, she learned that she was safe and loved. And (not so) slowly, she grew!
 Iggy is now enjoying life and experiencing the family & love she deserves. At a healthy 400-500 lbs, Iggy’s daily food-and-shelter needs have greatly expanded. 

Proceeds from our sold-out February dinner benefited Iggy at Foreverland Farm. To attend one of our monthly events, purchase tickets from & Juice Co