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By Stephanie Sopczak

Beaten mercilessly with steel rods and electric-shock prods. Whipped and shackled in chains. Limited access to food, water, and medical care. Welcome to hell on earth for animals that are forced to perform. READ MORE HERE.

Yoga for Sunrise Sanctuary

WHAT A SUCCESS! PRANA Run and Mat Happy Yoga joined forces to host a fundraiser for Sunrise Sanctuary! We're excited to announce that our Yoga for the Animals event raised over $1,000 for the Sunrise residents. THANK YOU to all who helped make this event possible. 

All animals deserve warmth and love

Purchase a blanket and we'll donate a blanket to a shelter animal. ​


Pictured here is our sweet friend, Huckleberry the Peke, wrapped in a PRANA Run Blanket. Huck was found one morning tied to a fence outside of a shelter. He had spent that cold, rainy night outside – alone and scared. A few days later, a man saw Huck at the shelter and knew he was meant to be Huck’s dad. From then on, Huck was cherished and loved and finally given the opportunity to experience true family. While Huck has passed, his legacy serves as a powerful reminder that there is hope for all neglected animals.


Purchase a Blanket HERE.

Proudly Sponsoring Hope from Iowa Farm Sanctuary


prana [prah-nuh]
1. The life sustaining energy - and breathe - flowing through the body that drives the soul, governs inspiration, and is accountable for one’s zest and love for life.
2. PRANA: People Recognizing Animals Needing Aid