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A Brand’s Mission to Preserve Wildlife

Brands with a Mission. The emerging trend in retail that is only on the rise. Companies are now - more than ever - cultivating a stronger social conscience and recognizing their responsibility to BE THE CHANGE (you want to see in the world).

"It's been so positive and encouraging," says GoodBeads founder, Monika Normand, of the Shop-for-a-Cause concept. "It gives me hope that we can work together and make a difference."

Making a difference was Monika's exact mindset when she founded GoodBeads two plus years ago.

"I had my degree in wildlife conservation and had been part of several volunteer projects in that field, but I was struggling to find paid work in the environmental realm," says Monika. "So, I started thinking of ways I could give back and feel like I was having a positive impact on the planet."

Monika decided to combine her creativity, LOVE for animals, and her passion for ethical and sustainable community development -  giving birth to GoodBeads. From bracelets to necklaces, GoodBeads offers handmade jewelry that gives back to organizations that protect wildlife. Each purchase sparks a $5 donation to wildlife conservation initiatives.

The jewelry line is all handmade using natural materials from stones, shells, wood, and hemp. Some of the the bracelets are also created using recycled glass beads - a more 'green' alternative than traditional beads. The unique glass beads are re-purposed from waste material and have the look of wave-tumbled sea glass.

GoodBeads takes pride in their dedication to being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Their jewelry is gift-wrapped in 100% post-consumer recycled boxes and delivered using recycled, compostable shipping packages.

Do you have a passion for unique accessories and protecting wildlife in their natural environment? Make sure you check out their Ambassador Program - a gig with a Look Good, Save Animals motto. GoodBeads is also one of our Adoption Rewards Program Partners - a program designed to provide discounts and perks solely for those that have an adopted pet in their home.

"I have had all kinds of adopted and rescued pets my whole life - from snakes to horses - and now I have a little old calico cat named Patches," says Monika. Sharing in our passion and commitment to promote and encourage pet adoption, GoodBeads offers a $10 OFF discount to Members of our program. 

Click HERE to learn more about wildlife conservation. Thank you for supporting our program, Monika!

~Anthony Douglas Williams