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For the planet. For the animals. For your health. Giving AF never felt so good.

"If we want to consider the sanctity of life in deciding what to eat, the choice is clear. Eating a plant-based diet causes less harm, to ourselves, to the other animals, to the planet."

-Sharon Gannon

"If it is wrong to act violently to a dog or cat just for enjoyment or convenience, how can we justify the horrible things we do to other animals?"


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A gun is either fired or it isn't. Can you swim or not? Did you finish your homework? Who won the game? We are trained at a very young age that there is no significant value in half-way actions. While that is certainly the case with certain standards, it's not the ultimate measure (nor should it be) for all actions.

We live in an all-or-nothing society. All of this or nothing at all. 

What if you only dipped your toe in the water? We are here to encourage you to do just that ... by starting to explore plant-based foods. We're looking for individuals willing to commit to a plant-based diet one day a week. Share your JOURNEY with us! Join our Empowered by Plants group to post your questions, meals, pictures and all things plant-related. We would love to hear your perspective and be part of your experience.

Extensive research has shown the huge influence a plant-based lifestyle has on our planet, our animal friends and your health. One person choosing to make small, deliberate changes can actually make a tremendous impact. Don't believe us? Check out this CALCULATOR. One meatless day saves an animal's life, 1,100 gallons of water, and 40 lbs of grain. The one thing we do know is that giving AF about the world around us feels pretty awesome.