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Finally, RESCUE-wear for Kids

Starting kids off right with Binkagirl's new "Rescue" tees for children! In the casual, everyday apparel line, the message to kids is right on target in our books.

"Binka is actually named for my dog, Binka," owner Jessica O'Doski says. "She was adopted from a high-kill shelter and I grew up with her - running around on the beach. The dot on the "i" in Binka's logo is an echo of an amethyst charm that Binka wore on her collar."

O'Doski launched Binkagirl in 2004 with the goal to help save as many dogs as she can by spreading the love of RESCUE and raising awareness for pet adoptions and pet homelessness. Now, her line of hoodies, tees, and tanks can be found in select boutiques and spas as well as online.

At Binka, their mission is to support the rescue efforts of homeless and abused animals and to inspire people to adopt animals from local shelters and rescue groups. With each piece purchased, the brand GIVES BACK to the animal rescue community. Shopping with PURPOSE is a new-ish trend that's proving it's here to stay!

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