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Are you passionate about animal welfare, pet adoption, animal rights, cruelty-free living, or all of the above? JOIN US! Share your voice and start making a difference. Whether you are interested in writing blog or social posts or are interested in more of a public relations role, we want to hear from you.
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Interested in an internship opportunity?

INTERNSHIP DESCRIPTION: PRANA Run has an internship opportunity available for a student pursuing a career that requires strong writing skills. This unique internship experience is only for an individual that is looking to explore and develop a skillset that is aimed towards making a difference each day. PRANA Run is a registered 501(c)(3) animal protection nonprofit organization based right here in Columbus, Ohio. PRANA Run’s purpose is “to influence and shape a culture of compassion, love, and equality that extends to all species of animals and breaks down the barriers that exist between companion and farm animals.” The goal of PRANA Run’s internship program is to provide streamlined mentorship and support while we work together to discuss and take action through writing and outreach channels to further animal rights and cruelty-free living initiatives.

Below are examples of the Internship Roles and Responsibilities. This is subject to change as we look to cater the experience to an intern’s strengths and interests. We look forward to working one-on-one with you while providing the best educational experience possible. While requirements for receiving internship credit vary by school, we will do everything on our end to make sure that you do receive college credit. We recommend that you check with the career services office at your school. Upon favorable completion, PRANA Run will gladly provide a work reference and letter of recommendation.

  • Weekly article on a topic of intern’s choice that coincide and support PRANA Run’s mission and values. There is plenty of room for discussion and creativity to explore topics that invoke passion and meaning. [animal rights; pet adoption; animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries; cruelty-free products and living; vegan lifestyle; sustainability; eco-friendly living; wildlife conservation; global warming; animal welfare legislation; animal agriculture]
  • Contact at least one company and/or animal shelter per week regarding PRANA Run’s Adoption Rewards Program. The REWARDS Program is designed to create discounts and promotions for those that have at least one adopted pet in the home. So far, we have almost 40 companies offering promotions to Members of our program. It’s essential to only connect with companies that share similar values as PRANA Run.
  • Social media captions, taglines, and content that markets and embodies PRANA Run’s voice. At the moment, PRANA Run does not have much of a presence on Pinterest and Twitter so we need help establishing a presence on those two platforms to start and well as pitching in content for FB and IG.
  • Fundraising events. We often partner with animal rescue shelters and sanctuaries and host fundraisers. We will need help with various tasks during these events.

If interested, contact Jaime: jaime at pranarun dot org. Please include work and school history and be sure to notate the degree you are pursuing. Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you.