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PURPOSE: To influence and shape a culture of compassion, love, and equality that extends to all species of animals and breaks down the barriers that exist between companion and farm animals.

MISSION: To advocate and protect all animal life through awareness, promotion, and outreach as well as endorse and encourage pet adoptions for companion animals while striving to educate the public on animal homelessness.
  • Abuse is cruel, regardless of species, and all life is deserving of respect and compassion.
  • Millions of companion animals are euthanized each year and it is our duty to save a life by choosing to adopt a pet rather than support a breeder or pet store.
  • Raising awareness for pet homelessness and encouraging responsible pet ownership is essential.
  • All animals have a right to peacefully coexist with humans as they are not here to solely serve and benefit humans.
Hope the Pig

Our Force

Jaime Leifheit

Jaime Leifheit
Co-Founder and Board President

Bill Leifheit

Bill Leifheit
Co-Founder and Board Director

Stephanie Sopczak

Stephanie Sopczak
Content Manager

Dex and Eli


On November 6, 2011, our lives forever changed, and we could not be more grateful for that change.  I (Jaime) met our inspiration.  And it is this inspiration that helped us realize we are supposed to do more for rescue animals.

We weren’t looking to add a family member to our household but the moment my eyes rested on Eli, everything changed. Some of you may have heard the phrase “you don’t choose your animals, they choose you.” That is only a cliche unless you have had that experience yourself. That magnetic pull, that ache inside of your heart, that excitement (or maybe anxiety) that allows your brain to register the powerful emotion. I have never felt such an intense direction in my life. I didn’t have any answers but all I knew was that Eli was supposed to come home with me. With a few obstacles in the way, there were a few days of waiting until we could bring him home. My gut was tense, I didn’t sleep, and my whole existence was focused on the overwhelming sensation that Eli was supposed to be our dog.

Having been severely mistreated, Eli was a bundle of fear, anxiety, and an instinctual “fight or flight” response (mostly choosing to “fight”).  But under it all was sensitivity, love, and loyalty.  Watching Eli’s transformation has greatly changed who Bill and I are as individuals.  We developed a level of patience that I never thought was in either one of us.

Eli hasn’t been our only experience with a rescue animal but it has been a gripping and rewarding journey. Each animal that has come into our lives has been such a unique treasure.  And now, after spending hours volunteering in animal shelters and opening our home to numerous foster animals, we recognize our important role in the shelter system: to help these animals connect with their forever home.

We founded PRANA Run with a sense of excitement and peace, knowing we are doing exactly what we are meant to do. Whether we are raising funds for animal rescue groups, promoting adoption and spreading awareness for animal homelessness in our community, or speaking up for the voiceless, we give it our whole heart. Thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you and sharing this journey.


Bill and Jaime Leifheit