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​Definitions of terms PRANA Run uses to determine eligibility to receive Adoption Rewards (animal shelter, animal rescue, breeding, etc.) are consistent with Ohio Laws and Rules. All applicants must meet the below criteria in order to qualify for PRANA Run’s Adoption Rewards Program:

  • At least one companion animal in the household must be adopted from an animal shelter or animal rescue group.
  • Applicant must not partake, support, or be associated with any active breeding practices.
  • Must submit a completed Adoption Rewards Program Application.

While the primary goal for animal rescue groups is to take in homeless animals (generally working with an established foster home network) and find forever homes for these animals, the news is frequently plagued with headlines exposing groups that are unfortunately not doing what they are supposed to do. PRANA Run believes that it's important to encourage the public to research an animal rescue group’s credentials and resources before entering into a contractual agreement when adopting a companion animal.

PRANA Run’s Adoption Rewards Program was created by PRANA Run and is exclusive to our organization. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to our program at any time. We reserve the right to refuse a partnership with a business and revoke and refuse membership of an applicant. Our primary goal is to maintain the integrity of the program, a program that unites the group of people that choose to adopt companion animals with businesses that support animal welfare initiatives.