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Sponsorship for Hope


Hope - a rescued pig residing at Iowa Farm Sanctuary - was rescued from one of the country's largest pig confinements. Not only was she the runt of her litter and therefore sentenced to death by blunt force trauma, she also sustained some major injuries from being stepped on and crushed. On the day that she was sent to die, a brave employee (who was supposed to be her killer) took pity on her, and instead became her savior. Not only did this employee rescue her, but they loved her and healed her wounds. 

Hope is still young and it's already clear that her deformed hoof may give her problems down the road. If Hope continues to grow at the rate she has been, her bum leg will not support her weight. She is being closely watching by her vet and the sanctuary team.

Today, Hope loves snuggling with her pig friends, chasing the chickens, and lazing around in the mud. She's very sweet and usually gentler than the rest of the pig residents at Iowa Farm Sanctuary.

Our fundraising campaign to sponsor Hope raised $450! All of the funds will go to the sanctuary for Hope's care. THANK YOU to all that supported this project!